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JUN 14 2023

  I live in the city. In an American city. With presumably reliable electric service. That I pay through the nose for.

I also have not one, but two, gas generators, and because I went to the expense of putting in a bypass panel that allows me to run (most of) my house off those generators, we almost never lose power.

In 13+ years, I've lost service maybe six times at this property and only once longer than a few minutes.

Up until about two months ago.

I don't know what's going on with the utility, but we've been getting lots of flickering, quick outages and then last week a two hour outage in the middle of a sunny day.

Two of those outages were while my machine was running, deep in a cut.

My machine is my business; my livelihood. I can't have downtime due to power outages, electrical components damaged from a sudden shut down, or scrapped parts from the same reason.

I also have no experience with UPS units beyond consumer-grade 120v models for normal computers, as you'd find on Amazon.

So I got on FB, asked what to do, and was given the contact info for a UPS refurber that handles industrial units.

Emailed him the specs of the machine, he got right back with a suitable model and that was that. For reference, this is an Eaton 9PX. The guy quoted about a 5 min runtime at so-called full power (3000ish watts). Enough to get the machine stopped and safely shut down, which is what I was after.

And, since you're rarely (and for me, never) at full hog, it looks like I'll get considerably more runtime out of it, if needed. During a test program cutting what I normally cut, at my normal F&S, I was operating on UPS-only power for over 30 minutes, with plenty of battery to spare .

Anyhow, a week later it was here. There was no install minus inserting the batteries, which he shipped separatel, and plugging it in. So far, so good.

Two Month Update: It's been running 24/7 since day 1. No hiccups. Of course, we haven't lost power a single time to experience a real-world test, though I've simulated a blackout a couple times with perfect results. The only thing I don't like is the UPS itself has a built-in fan that continuously runs and ramps up RPM (and decibels) when the units heats up. It is noticeably loud in my otherwise silent shop. It's pretty annoying, but nothing I can do, aside from moving it somewhere.