This is the code to move the rpm slider.


if [[ "$(xdotool getactivewindow getwindowname)" == *'tormach'* ]]; then

xdotool sleep .1

xdotool mousemove 115 700

xdotool sleep .1

xdotool click 4


# Required shebang line

# if statement that checks if Pathpilot is the active window, otherwise script won't run

# xdotool is "too fast" for the machine, so this slows it down .1 second

# moves the mouse to X115 Y700 (approx center of RPM slider)

# another sleep

# click 4 is represents mousewheel down, which moves the slider to the left

# closes the if statement

To adjust feed and velocity, it's the same code, only adjust the 700 to around 660 and 740 respectively. The 115 is the mouse position in X, the 700 is the position in Y, so you're just moving the mouse pointer up and down to float on the respective sliders.

xdotool click 4 moves the slider left xdotool click 5 adjusts the slider right (this is mimicking the mousewheel up and down)

Review the main article on how to get this working.