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AUG 25 2023


Inject audio confirmation anywhere in your gcode ("Program done", "Op 1 done", etc), with or without user intervention.

Create a text file in:

      /tmc/configs/tormach_mill/nc_subs (actually, it can go in /gcode/subroutines which is a ton easier)

and call it "M101"(no quotes, no extension). Rename to M102, etc, if you already have M101.

In the text file have:

      aplay /home/operator/gcode/images/yes.wav

Rename yes.wav to whatever your file name is. Linux supports .wav natively from the command line. IDK about other extensions without installing third party stuff.

Right click on M101 and make it executable. You may then need to reboot the controller.

Ensure your .wav file is in /gcode/images/

Enter M101 in your gcode files as you deem necessary.

Create multiple files (M102, M103, etc) for different audio files.

This is sort of supported in PathPilot already via M00 or M01, but it appears to loop continuously without user intervention. It also only supports MP4 files (or, lamely, renamed MP3 files).